Since 1 January 2019 I’m the Research Director of a new venture at Uppsala University called Centre for Integrated Research on Culture and Society. Or CIRCUS, for short. A core aim with CIRCUS is to foster new interdisciplinary research collaborations within the six faculties for humanities and social sciences within Uppsala University.

I have in my research taken a great interest in how intertwining of science and technology with economic, social, and cultural facets. The study valuation practices have in later years become a recurrent way to approach this broad theme. I’m also one of the two founding editors of the peer review open access journal Valuation Studies.

These pages gathers matters related to my academic work. The adjacent blog contains various reflections on research and academic practices more broadly. I have, as will become clear in my posts, among other things an interest in how we go about academic work in practice and the tools we use. I try to blog around once a month.

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