I’m Claes-Fredrik Helgesson and am a researcher interested in intertwining of science, technology and economic organising. My research has for the last 10 years to a large extent been about medical research and the organising of healthcare services. I’ve also done some work on markets more broadly. Disciplinary-wise my work could be placed in the intersection between science and technology studies (STS) and economic sociology. My work can also often be depicted as part of the emerging fields of market studies and valuation studies. (My university homepage contains more about my research and my publications.)

I am a professor at Technology and Social Change, Tema T, at Linköping University, where I lead a research program called Values: Science, Technology, and Valuation Practices. I’m also one of the two founding editors of the peer review open access journal Valuation Studies.

These pages gathers matters related to my academic work. The adjacent blog contains various reflections on research and academic practices more broadly. I have, as will become clear in my posts, among other things an interest in how we go about academic work in practice and the tools we use. I try to blog around once a month.

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