On my desk and on my mind

So this is the first precarious blog post. I’ve been meaning to keep this blog for stuff that are too long for tweets, too short for papers, or, indeed, too unsorted to go anywhere else but still having some kind of value.

My plan is for the posts to centre on research as well as observations and reflections about academic practices more broadly. There are, I think, a lot to be said about what we do as the academics. That includes not only our research as such, but also how we go about doing our research and all the other stuff that comes with an academic job such as, for instance, passing judgement on the work of one another in blind journal reviews or finding and trying ways to improve the quality of our own reading and writing.

At our seminars of the ValueS research program we usually begin the seminars by having a round where everyone briefly shares “what’s on my mind” and “what’s on my desk.” I’m thinking about the blog in the same way. So today, for instance, I’ve just sent off an introduction to a themed section on “Values and Valuations in Market Practice” to appear in the Journal of Cultural Economy that Hans Kjellberg I have finalised during the last few days. It is hence something that has been on both my mind and desk. I know, for sure, that soon there will be other stuff on both mind and desk. I aim to share such stuff here around once a month. Hence, to be continued…

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