I’ve been busy

I’ve kept myself busy with other stuff since my previous post last September (and others have given their helping hands in this). Apart from performing the administrative duties that come with being Head of unit of Technology and social change, I have worked on a few different research and writing projects, some of which are now done or near completion:

  1. The value practices volume I have edited together with Isabelle Dussauge and Francis Lee is finished in almost every sense now save for the actual printing. It is scheduled to be out at the end of January 2015. The making of this volume has been hard work and a collaborative labour of love. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.
  2. I have together with Johan Nilsson just now published an article in Journal of Marketing Management together where we do an epistemography of market research, that is, we investigate the indigenous epistemology of this particular field. (Link to PDF for download). It was a terrific experience where the guidance of reviewers and special issue editors in a rather short time helped us to significantly develop and improve the article.

The work to develop the journal Valuation Studies has further continued. Two more issues have been published since this time last year and another issue, 2(2), will be out before the holidays.

One of the projects going forward will be to write something accessible about the practices of academia and I aim to publish on such matters on this blog somewhat more regularly than I have been able to in the past year.